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10 Chic Ways To Wear Yellow This Season


For me, summer also resonates with bright & warm colors but there is one color I’m always doubtful about – yellow. At the runway, the color dominated the collections for many designers like Delpozo, Kate Spade New York, Creatures of Comfort, Coach, Jason Wu & others.
For years, we have seen yellow as a shade that does nothing for our skin tone, eyes or hair. It never fits anywhere and yellow outfits can leave us looking like lemons. It is without any doubt one of the trickiest colors to wear.

But in the past one year, we have seen some pretty amazing yellow outfits on the red carpet that it has now taken over as one of the top colors for the season. From Emma Stone’s La La Land dress to Rihanna’s Met Gala gown, all variations of the color seem to shine brightly on the red carpet. But as good as this color looks on the red carpet, can it be worn so fashionably IRL?

The key to pulling off this pop of yellow is to embrace romantic silhouettes and understand the complementary colors that work well with it.

Going Classic

10 Chic Ways To Wear Yellow in Summer
Image Source: Pinterest

Most probably the easiest way to wear this color is going back to the classics. Team up a plain yellow tee with a pair of high-waisted shorts or jeans. This works for both the bright as well as muted variations of the color. To make it even more fun, replace the regular shorts with ripped shorts.

White Tune

10 Chic Ways To Wear Yellow in Summer
Image Source: Pinterest

Yellow & White are two colors which shout summers. Team both of them together any way you like but just remember to keep the yellow in lighter or pastel shades otherwise you would become the sun.


10 Chic Ways To Wear Yellow in Summer
Image Source: Pinterest

A classic forever is a nice yellow sundress. One way to make it chic is to opt for flowy fabrics & silhouettes rather than something skin fit. Since brown is an earthy tone, it can help make the outfit look more grounded. So be sure to add a nice brown bag or pair of sandals.

Tropical Love

10 Chic Ways To Wear Yellow in Summer
Image Source: Pinterest

If you love prints, this one is for you. a plain yellow top can easily complement a good tropical print. The whole outfit can look super cute & appropriate for the season.

Work Work

10 Chic Ways To Wear Yellow in Summer
Image Source: Pinterest

Colored outerwear is a great way to incorporate a color into your wardrobe. Turn a basic white shirt & jeans combination into something completely different by just adding a yellow blazer over it. Not only is it a great way to add a pop of color but also if you feel like it is not working out, it would be easy to just remove it.

Biker Chic

10 Chic Ways To Wear Yellow in Summer
Image Source: Pinterest

Want to add some edge to your outfit? Add a nice black biker jacket over a yellow shift dress. Not only does it make the outfit edgier but also helps break the colors.

Pleated Story

10 Chic Ways To Wear Yellow in Summer
Image Source: Pinterest

A long pleated skirt is a summer staple. Take it to the next level & pair a mustard skirt with a dark blue or navy blue button down shirt. Not only is it a classic color combination but also is also looks really chic.

Ditch the white dress

10 Chic Ways To Wear Yellow in Summer
Image Source: Pinterest

A staple of all those beach Instagram photos is a long white flowy dress. This summer, ditch it for a nice long yellow dress with a nice print on it. Not only will it be different but also exactly on point with the trends this summer.

Go all in

10 Chic Ways To Wear Yellow in Summer
Image Source: Pinterest

If you want to take things one step further, wear a yellow suit. The more muted colors you will choose for your suit, the better it will look. Also, skip the blazer for a long vest. It looks more chic & trendy.

Bag It

10 Chic Ways To Wear Yellow in Summer
Image Source: Pinterest

If you really don’t want to wear it on your sleeves, carry it with you. Carry a nice yellow bag with you. This way you won’t have to step outside your comfort zone.

And to help you guys with some shopping, here are some of my favorite budget pieces for the summer.

Hope this helps you in incorporating something yellow in your wardrobe this summer. How would you wear this color?

For years, we have seen yellow as a shade that does nothing for us. It never fits anywhere and the outfits can leave us looking like lemons.But when worn correctly,the color can be a great asset.
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  1. Melissa

    I love yellow. I have a few shirts and a Dress meself. Such a Nice outfits you put here

    04 . Sep . 2018
  2. Jessica Lynn Martin

    I love the color yellow. It can brighten up anything! All of these looks are beautiful. I love the pleaded story look as well as the yellow purse/handbag. I may need to get that yellow purse for sure.

    05 . Sep . 2018
  3. Melissa

    I love yellow… and now with the autumn that is coming, the color just looks better. Love the outfits.

    05 . Sep . 2018
  4. Kippi

    Oh how I love mustard yellow and you wear it well!

    05 . Sep . 2018
  5. Laura Dove

    I LOVE yellow for summer and mustard for the autumn! It’s my absolute favourite colour and one that makes me so happy to wear!

    05 . Sep . 2018
  6. Rhian Westbury

    I am a bit more subtle with my colour so for me shoes and bags are the best way. Although I am loving the mustard colour at the moment x

    06 . Sep . 2018
  7. Elizabeth O

    Yellow definitely seems to be the colour of the season. I really like it. You suggested some awesome ways to pull it off too.

    06 . Sep . 2018
  8. Nidhi Fouzdar

    I feel like grabbing all the dresses they are so cool.

    06 . Sep . 2018
  9. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I don’t have a lot of yellow colored clothes in my closet. It is not that I don’t like it, but I just feel it does not suit my skin tone. I love the yellow bag though. I might try getting skirts. That seems to be a better option for me if I want to wear something yellow.

    06 . Sep . 2018
  10. Jelena

    The yellow color was never my choice because it seems to me that it is for women with a darker skin tone. But when I look at your photos, there are really ways I could wear it.

    07 . Sep . 2018
  11. sabrina barbante

    I’m so happy that yellow and yellow shades will be the main colors of the winter fall season. I love it and I’m already looking for a yellow jacket like the one you showed us.

    07 . Sep . 2018
  12. Monidipa Dutta

    I love yellow. A these outfits look so cool. Yellow blazer is an eye catcher.

    07 . Sep . 2018
  13. Fashion and Style Police

    Yellow is such a beautiful colour to wear. I LOVE your style tips here a lot. Yellow is great for the summer months.

    07 . Sep . 2018
  14. melissa major

    wow, so many ways. I love wearing yellow but don’t wear as much as id like. I love the yellow dress, its very stylish

    07 . Sep . 2018
  15. Jennifer Prince

    Ah! Yellow is such a bad color for me, but I love it! I usually tend to wear it on the bottom so that it’s not near my face, which works well. 🙂

    07 . Sep . 2018
  16. Eloise

    I love the dresses, esp the sundress and the suit coat/blazer… Yellow is such a fun pop of color!

    07 . Sep . 2018
  17. Dr. K. Lee Banks

    Very nice assortment of outfits and ideas of ways to incorporate this happy color into your wardrobe. I never used to wear yellow, but find I do like it now, in various shades and in different articles of clothing.

    10 . Sep . 2018
  18. joy

    i love the purse/splash of yellow.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

    21 . Sep . 2018
  19. The Panicked Foodie

    I love the color yellow! But like you, I’ve always been hesitant to wear it I think because I am so pale. But, I REALLY love the outfit with the leaf skirt and the yellow blazer. Those are definitely two outfit ideas I would love to try.

    22 . Sep . 2018
  20. Jasmine

    love all the examples you included!

    08 . Oct . 2018

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