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Layovers can be a great way to see a small part of a city. I generally love them a lot. When I was in Warsaw with a few hours to spare in 2016 before catching my train to Katowice and I thought why not to make the most out of this time. I had heard a lot about The Old Town in Warsaw and I decided to go there this time. Before I jump into what I did there, let’s get to know the place a bit better.


We have all been there. With the entirety of Netflix at your disposal with just a click of a button, trying to find a movie can be a difficult task.  Even if you know that you want to watch a light-heart movie, Netflix’s recommendation black hole can be very persuasive. But if you love fashion, don’t worry, I have it all sorted out for you. In this post, I would share with you the fashion movies available on Netflix that are worth the time and energy. P.S. I’m subscribed to Netflix Poland (as I stay in Poland) and thus do not have access to all the movies and so this list covers the movies that were visible on my account. Also, these are not movies with great costumes or fashion moments. These movies take you inside the world of fashion and lifestyle.

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